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Our on-line marketing strategies are constantly being re-developed and refined. The internet changes hourly with regard to how customers find your products. We employ in house experts to make sure your products are in the right place at the right time.


  • Social media community building and campaigns.
  • Product reviews, site reviews and content sharing.
  • Videos, product demos and links into our stores.
  • Blog and content marketing.
  • Continuous creation of quality text content, keywords and meta data.
  • Professionally written product articles.
  • Linking strategies from other industry expert properties.
  • Promotions, contests and giveaways to build interest.
  • Product and site competitive analysis.
  • Event region and demographic targeting.
  • Web analytics data monitored, mined and utilized to:
    • Identify personas shopping site; "feed" customized conversion content.
    • Identify top entry and exit points, keywords searched and conversions yielded.
    • Identify and strengthen weaknesses, use to increase conversions (sales).
    • Analytics data drives site tweaks, edits and new content.
    • Analytics data helps drive social media strategy and tactics deployed.
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